The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour

29.08.2015 0 Автор Andrei Ved

Подражание знаменитому апокалиптическому стихотворению Дж. Байрона «Тьма» (Darkness).

The Darkest Hour.
(inspired by Byron»s «Darkness»)

I saw a dream that wasn»t dream at all.
The Earth was desolated by the blight
The age of human came towards its fall,
The day has turned into an endless night.
The ashes smothered the earth with deadly shroud,
The air was filled with madness and decay.
And many people gathered in crowd,
But one was still alone in his dismay.
And then they all knelt down; they all prayed —
No matter, beggars, bourgeois or kings —
They all wished the redemption to be made,
Before the death would spread its ebon wings.
Again they kissed the ground in holy awe,
But God would never save them anymore…